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Grow faster, sell effortlessly and achieve financial freedom.

Build the mindset of the business leader you want to be.

We help ambitious entrepreneurs create multi 6- or 7-figure businesses and achieve personal and financial freedom by removing limiting beliefs and money blocks.

Are you an ambitious business owner looking to grow? Here’s how we help


you’re already successful, you just need to remove the resistance and blocks getting in the way of growing further and faster

Sell more with less effort

we show you how to transform your beliefs around money to become the sales performer your business needs


step into greater abundance, dream bigger and watch your business grow


choose not to struggle and burnout by taking inspired action on your goals

Return on

your shift in mindset is priceless, but the results in your business will be measured in real revenue and profit


Fall in love with your business, again

Why did you start your business? Was it freedom, financial independence, the chance to make an impact – or all three? Somewhere in between trying to make sales, handle clients, manage team members and deal with all the busyness running your company, you may have lost that original spark.

Business became a struggle. The results, income or growth didn’t happen as you expected… and then the doubts and negativity crept in. Do I really want to do this? Am I enjoying it? It doesn’t have to be this way. By making one simple shift, you can regain that spark all over.

Don’t take action. Take inspired action

Too many business owners believe they need to be busy. You may be taking action, but ask yourself, “why isn’t it working?” The answer is you’re not in alignment with what you want.

Taking inspired action is the key to seeing results faster with less effort. When you know what you really want, you begin to take inspired action. So, tell us, what do you want?


Transform how you feel about money and selling

One of the biggest challenges for business owners at any stage is selling and their beliefs around money. Selling feels hard. And it’s usually the result of your personal beliefs about money, often hidden in your subconscious. Money is everything in business and your beliefs impact your perception of your value, what you charge and how you ask for the sale. Transform your money mindset and watch the sales flow.


I’m Seonad Cook and I’ll show you how to get exactly what you want.

Hi, I’m Seonad (Shona), CEO at Follow The Formula and I help ambitious business owners achieve the success and growth they always wanted. I’ve experienced the power of manifestation and mindset in my career as a leading sales professional, educator, facilitator and entrepreneur. I know how it feels as a business owner and my approach is simple and uncomplicated. Stop focusing on what you don’t have. Tell me what you want and I’ll show you how to get it.

Seonad Cook

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Mindset coaching is essential for entrepreneurs.

Mindset coaching is the missing piece for many entrepreneurs. When growing a business, the mistake is to do more. More hours. More hustle. More training. But all it leads to is burnout, struggle and frustration. Mindset coaching unlocks the success within you that makes everything else effortless.

Mindset coaching has been instrumental in helping me develop as a leader, and that confidence and knowledge has helped to inspire my team to grow.
Stuart Johnstone
Owner, Stuart Johnstone Ltd

It’s not your fault. You just didn’t know ‘the rules’

If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware of the Law of Attraction and the power of manifestation. You may even have read books and tried to make it work for you in your life and your business. For many, though, it doesn’t get the results they expect. And there’s a reason – you can intellectually ‘get’ the idea without embedding it.

That’s why mindset and manifestation coaching is so powerful for ambitious entrepreneurs. When you’re shown how to unlock the results you want by getting out of the way, everything shifts.


You know what to do. We help you do it

You don’t need another course or programme. You know what you need to do. So we show you. Our toolkits show you how to remove the self-imposed blocks and limitations to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.


Next Level CEO

Next Level CEO helps ambitious entrepreneurs build the mindset, belief and behaviours of the 7-figure business owner they always wanted to be.


Your Next Level Self

Your Next Level Self is a mindset and manifestation coaching journey for ambitious business owners who want to make selling easier, achieve more with less effort and grow without limits.

Future Leaders

Follow The Formula offers a mindset coaching journey for organisations that want to create future leaders with greater self-image and influence. Learn more about how our coaching helps upskill and empower your employees to reach their full potential today.

Follow The Formula gave me clarity of vision and helped me increase revenue tenfold
John Ryan
Founder, PayEd - Education in Payments

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We work exclusively with business owners and entrepreneurs aiming for rapid growth. Our simple, straightforward approach delivers tangible, “money-in-the-bank” results for clients making it easy to see a return on your investment. We can also work with your whole team to deliver accelerated results and the potential for exponential growth.

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