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Don’t overcomplicate. Simplify your success.

What is it about people that means we always try to overcomplicate things?

Whether it is starting and growing a business, making more money, going for a job we really want or simply doing what we feel we were put on this planet to do, we rarely take the straight line to success.

Instead, we end up complicating everything. We put obstacles in our own way, we come up with reasons and excuses that delay going for what we want, or we put off making decisions so we don’t have to act.

There’s a reason – and it’s limiting beliefs. We often believe and buy into society’s story that everything has to be a struggle. We have to push through difficulty to get what we really want.

When we show our coaching clients that this simply isn’t true, people don’t believe us.

Yes, it can be difficult to come up with a grand vision for your life and lofty goals for you to reach for. Yet, nowhere does it say that is has to be a struggle. Who said it had to be?

Rather than struggling to get what you want, wouldn’t it be better to feel less like a struggle and more like inspired action?

You can, and all it takes is three simple steps to simplify your path to success.

Set a goal you love

Every morning write down your goal in a journal or notepad without thinking too much about it. Don’t be too concerned about what you need to do or how you’re going to solve it, just leave it there. Think of it as a problem waiting to be solved.

Start each day thinking

Every day, fill your mind with creativity. Focus on what you want to create for your life and it sets your mind off for the day and continues to work on the problem you want to solve – your goal. You will probably find you experience moments of inspiration when ideas pop into your head to help you towards your goal.

Your mind is like a muscle. You have to exercise it every day to keep it delivering results. When you think about what you want from your life, you move from passive observer to actively in control of your destiny.

Take 1 hour each day to exercise your mind

Every day, commit to taking one hour to focus on your goal. Take a blank piece of paper and a pen, write your goal at the top and then spend an hour coming up with as many ideas as possible. 

Focus on what you can do to improve where you are now, which may be earning more money, finding more customers or making more time for yourself each day. And also focus on ideas that help you move closer to your goal. Perhaps there are small actions you can take right now, or someone you could reach out to who could help or something you need to learn.

Going through these steps may not be easy at first, especially if you’ve not done this before. Eventually, it will get easier. Even if you don’t think of yourself as “creative”, you will be surprised at how many ideas you have.

The purpose of these is to embed your goal in your subconscious mind. Once deeply embedded, your mind will start to work on solving it and moving you closer, even when you are not consciously working on it.

Follow these three steps and take the simple path to success. You no longer need to worry about how you are going to reach your goal. You’re giving your mind space to work it out for you.

This is so much simpler and less stressful, wouldn’t you agree?

Every day, commit to taking one hour to focus on your goal

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