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Empower your future leaders to go further

Helping your future leaders build their self image and reframe their beliefs, develop their mindset, become influential and develop into the people your organisation needs with our leadership mindset programmes.

Looking to develop your future leaders? Here’s how we help

Rapid results

our programmes deliver results fast without the need for months of expensive workshops and in-person coaching

Get more from your people

we transform beliefs to help your best people become the leaders your business needs

Stronger business results

experience the power of removing negative beliefs and building a growth mindset on the bottom line

Reduce staff turnover

help leaders succeed and keep more talent within the organisation

Return on investment

from better results, better performance and happier leaders living up to their potential

The missing piece

What nearly every leadership programme misses

When planning succession and business growth, organisations often focus on developing skills and competencies. However, the benefits are not always realised and promising leaders don’t reach their potential due to performance issues that stem from their mindset and beliefs.

Mindset coaching is essential for future leaders

Mindset coaching is the missing piece of many leadership programmes. Mindset coaching unlocks the success within your leaders that drives the future success of your organisation. By offering their people programmes focused on reframing beliefs and building mindset, organisations can create future leaders with the confidence to take on new challenges and grow influence.


Mindset challenges often leave leaders struggling with

Low self-esteem and negative beliefs – future leaders often face self-doubt, leaving them feeling anxious or unsure about their capabilities.

Poor self-image – some leaders stepping up simply don’t see themselves in their role and need a mindset shift to build the right self-image around their new role

Lack of confidence – low confidence in people stepping into leadership roles results in poor performance from their team and often start a negative cycle

Imposter syndrome – preventing them reaching their true potential and holding them back


Here’s how Follow The Formula helps your future leaders

Support future leaders – help reframe beliefs and remove self-limiting beliefs so they grow into their new role

Culture of high-performance – by opening up possibilities and raising their ambition to reach their full potential

Effective and impactful – by providing tools and frameworks to step into the role of leader with confidence and clarity

Sustainable success – by developing their self-image to become the leader they need and want to be​ ​ ​​​

Help your people step into the role of leader in weeks, not years

Organisations growing their future leaders rely on Follow The Formula to develop a strong self-image in their next generation of leadership. Our approach works to reframe beliefs and build mindset to escape negative beliefs, tear down resistance, remove self-imposed limits and allow them to rise to the level of their ambition. Don’t wait months or years to see results. Within weeks, experience the benefit of the positive shifts within your organisation.

What difference would it make to succession planning knowing you can help your leaders reach their full potential?

If your organisation is struggling to grow its leaders through traditional training and coaching, it’s time for a change. Start building the next generation of leaders by preparing them with the tools and beliefs they need to lead your company into the future. Unlock greater success in your organisation with our carefully designed programmes and discover the true capabilities of your team.

Follow The Formula programmes are the most effective pathway to unlocking your employees' true potential as future leaders. By reframing beliefs, building their mindset and developing their self-image, you can help them grow their influence in your organisation and become the leader or entrepreneur you need in order to reach your business goals and objectives.
Seonad Cook
Mindset Coach and Mentor
IDEAL Candidate

Here's why Business Owners, HR and L&D teams work with Follow The Formula to develop future leaders

You have identified mindset and beliefs as obstacles in the development of some people within your organisation and need a programme to help reframe beliefs and shift the mindset of potential future leaders

You are committed to providing ongoing development and growth opportunities to give your future leaders the self-confidence and mindset tools they need to succeed

You want to ensure your future leaders have the right mindset and tools to be influential and achieve meaningful impact within the organisation and beyond

You’re looking for a more rounded approach to leadership development that goes beyond traditional, often ineffective, coaching of pure strategy

You are looking for a programme to help transform your people into the business’s leaders of tomorrow

About Your Coach

Seonad Cook

As the lead coach of our Future Leaders programmes, Seonad draws on her vast experience as an educator having trained over 56,000 senior professionals worldwide and coached and mentored more than 1,600 professional facilitators. Most importantly, as a highly-regarded sales professional proven to open up new markets and deliver sales, Seonad understands the connection between mindset and belief and business results.

Future Leaders Programme

Are you looking to develop future leaders?

The Future Leaders Programme helps reframe limiting beliefs, build powerful mindsets, and equip future leaders with the skills they need to increase their influence within the organisation. It takes leadership performance to the next level and helps foster powerful new behaviours to create long-lasting change within organisations. It gives leaders the tools to get the best from their team, enhance performance, work to a new level of excellence and take inspired action at scale.

The Future Leaders Programme offers a unique approach to mindset coaching for organisations looking to create their next generation of leaders.

Here’s what candidates get in the Future Leaders Programme

12 weeks of coaching and mentoring

Group sessions with Seonad Cook (or one-to-one coaching if you select the one-to-one option)

12 powerful lessons

available in our learning portal, each lesson delivers the foundations of the knowledge over the period of coaching. Listen and watch weekly in sequence and then attend the weekly coaching sessions to embed and apply what you’ve learnt

2 group coaching sessions per week

each week Seonad teaches concepts to help develop your awareness through understanding and application of the ideas in the lessons

Digital and physical workbook

the workbook contains additional teaching points and activities specifically designed to offer a deeper understanding of the principles taught in each lesson

Weekly “hot seat” sessions

join a “hot seat” session with Seonad when you need further clarity or support along the journey

Showed me how I can aim bigger, better and higher, and then make it a reality

I felt energised and enthusiastic as each of the three weekly sessions progressed and Seonad showed me how I can aim bigger, better and higher, then step-by-step make that vision a reality. Seonad’s positivity is infectious, and she teaches a perspective and ways of thinking, feeling and behaving which are refreshing.
Jason Cornes
Business Mentor and Executive Coach

Future Leaders Programme

The Future Leaders Programme is a stepping stone to operating at a higher level of thinking and performance by developing the leaders you need for your business growth and success. Growing organisations need leaders with the mindset, behaviours and beliefs needed to match your ambitious targets.”

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What clients say about Future Leaders

Stepping into a leadership role within the company now seems more achievable.

Follow The Formula's Future Leaders Programme has helped me to step out of my comfort zone. Stepping into a leadership role within the company now seems more achievable. Participating in the programme has helped me to bring more of my potential to the surface and I know that the knowledge and tools I have gained will be invaluable to me as I move up into a more senior management position within the company.
Nicola Hamilton
Project Manager, Stuart Johnstone Ltd

Challenged me to grow beyond my self-imposed limits

Initially sceptical about any mindset course, Seonad's guidance challenged me to grow beyond my self-imposed limits. My self-belief, confidence, and motivation grew as I followed the formula and exercises. With thanks, I credit Seonad for helping me to realise my potential and empowering me to pursue my leadership dreams with determination.
Gordon Brown
Technical Manager, Stuart Johnstone Ltd

Mindset Coaching has been a game-changer

Mindset coaching has been a game-changer for me. Prior to joining the programme, I was convinced that the only way I could have any chance of progressing further up the managerial ladder was to gain an additional qualification. I now know this was a 'false limiting belief'. Within 10 weeks in the programme, I was promoted and now sit on the board of directors of a large construction company in the UK. Without this programme, I know 100% that this opportunity would not have presented itself to me.
Derek Cook
Construction Director

Instrumental in helping me develop as a leader

Working with Seonad and focusing on my mindset has been instrumental in helping me to develop as a leader, and that confidence and knowledge have helped me to inspire my team to grow.
Stuart Johnstone
Owner, Stuart Johnstone Ltd

Looking to create your next generation of leaders and wondering if the Future Leaders Programme is a good fit? Let's talk

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