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Let’s shift the one thing standing in your way to a 7-figure business. You.

Develop the mindset and behaviours of a 7-figure business owner to lead your team effectively and take inspired action at scale without sacrificing your work-life balance on the way to your first million in revenue with Next Level CEO.

When you’re pushing towards 7-figures, most business owners struggle with...

Selling more at a higher value to bigger clients

a lifetime of limiting personal money beliefs starts to rear its ugly head when you raise your sales game, yet you know you need bigger, higher value deals and contracts to hit your ambitious revenue goals

No work-life balance

almost every waking moment is taken either growing the business or thinking about growing the business. You’re working longer hours, yet you’re still not seeing the growth you hoped for while sacrificing valuable time with those who matter to you

An underperforming team

individually you have the right people, yet no matter what you try it seems harder and harder to get them to perform to the level you need (and no amount of training seems to change things)

Lack of time and too many competing priorities

why do some 7-figure business owners make it look so easy while everything feels like a struggle for you? There doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get everything done


Next Level CEO helps you...

Transform your sales self-identity – stop money beliefs standing in the way of your revenue growth by removing blocks holding back your sales and getting out of the way of your team so they can sell more and make an impact on the bottom line

Get the best from your team – by becoming the leader you need to be for your team and understanding what they want, you empower them to take inspired action aligned with their own goals to move you further and faster forward than you ever thought possible

Take inspired action at scale – raise the level of your energy to match your ambitious growth goals so you can take inspired action after inspired action without any loss of energy or resistance holding you back

Become the leader of a 7-figure business – step into the identity of the leader you need to become to embed the behaviours and mindset that will propel you forward to your ambitious growth goals.


What if you could 2x, 3x or even 10x your revenue without greater effort or sacrificing your time?

You’re a success. On a strategic level, you know exactly what you and your team need to do to take your business to the next level. Yet, it’s not happening. Next Level CEO shows you how to break free of blocks and limitations holding you back to take your business up to the next level and even further. Achieve the results you want faster and with less effort, and watch as you 2x, 3x or even 10x your business when you focus on your mindset.

Next Level CEO is your stepping stone to operating at a higher level of thinking and performance by becoming the leader you need to be for your team and the business. You have big goals and big goals require big shifts in your mindset so you see yourself as a 7-figure business owner
Seonad Cook
Mindset Coach and Mentor

Next Level CEO is ideal for you if…

You’ve been growing the business but now you’ve hit a plateau and you don’t know how to break past your next revenue barrier

You’re growing but you don’t feel you’re moving fast enough and it still feels like something is holding you back

You have a team and you’re frustrated and confused why you’re not getting the performance from them that you need to hit your growth goals

You’re growing but your work-life balance is seriously suffering and you can’t find a way to do more without making even bigger sacrifices

You have huge ambitions for your business and you’re clear that you need to build a mindset that matches those ambitions

Next Level CEO isn’t just a programme.

It’s a toolkit for lifelong growth

While there is a learning period over 24 weeks, Next Level CEO is more than a programme. As you’ll discover, you’re never “finished”. Think of the first 24 weeks as our way of embedding the formula into your mindset and applying the lessons to your life and your business. As you, your team and your business grow, you will come back and explore the lessons and ideas, again and again, to continue your journey and keep you growing. 


Here’s what you get in Next Level CEO

24 weeks of coaching and mentoring

Group sessions with Seonad Cook (or one-to-one coaching if you select the one-to-one option)

12 powerful lessons

available in our learning portal, each lesson delivers the foundations of the knowledge over the period of coaching. Listen and watch weekly in sequence and then attend the weekly coaching sessions to embed and apply what you’ve learnt

2 group coaching sessions per week

each week Seonad teaches concepts to help develop your awareness through understanding and application of the ideas in the lessons

Digital and physical workbook

the workbook contains additional teaching points and activities specifically designed to offer a deeper understanding of the principles taught in each lesson

Weekly “hot seat” sessions

join a “hot seat” session with Seonad when you need further clarity or support along the journey

About Your Coach

Seonad Cook

Seonad understands the specific challenges of ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs who are committed to growing their businesses. As your coach through Next Level CEO, Seonad draws on her vast experience as an educator having trained over 56,000 senior professionals worldwide and coached and mentored more than 1,600 professional facilitators. Most importantly, as a highly-regarded sales professional proven to open up new markets and deliver sales, Seonad understands the connection between mindset and belief and business results.


What clients say about Next Level CEO

Mindset Coaching has been a game-changer

Prior to joining the program, I was convinced that the only way I could have any chance of progressing further up the managerial ladder was to gain an additional qualification. I now know this was a 'false limiting belief'. Within 10 weeks in Next Level CEO, I was promoted and now sit on the board of directors of a large construction company in the UK.
Derek Cook
Construction Director

Instrumental in helping me develop as a leader

Working with Seonad and focusing on my mindset has been instrumental in helping me to develop as a leader, and that confidence and knowledge have helped me to inspire my team to grow.
Stuart Johnstone
Owner, Stuart Johnstone Ltd

Helped me increase revenue 10-fold

Next Level CEO gave me clarity of vision and helped me increase revenue 10-fold. Seonad is a rare commodity of a well-educated, easy-going, highly intelligent person who has a passion to help people realise their full potential. She is pragmatic and speaks directly, which means that she achieves results quickly. I continue working with Seonad as a mentor because I value her work so much.
John Ryan
Founder, PayED, Fintech

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Next Level CEO runs over 24 weeks of coaching and mentoring.

This toolkit is most suitable for business owners with a team who have grown to a certain size but cannot break through a higher revenue barrier or business owners of fast-growth companies with a team looking to make significant leaps in revenue in a short period. You’re successful, taking action yet you know you need a mindset shift to take it to the next level and beyond.

It’s really important to engage your team in this process. However, we’ve found it most effective for the business leader to go through Next Level CEO while putting the team through Future Leaders. By doing it this way, you can develop the mindset of your team to align with your future growth and what will be needed to take inspired action to get there.

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