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How to keep moving forward if you still haven’t achieved your goals

We’re heading at speed towards the end of 2023. Standing at the top of this year, you probably had a number of goals you wanted to achieve both personally and in business.

  • How are you getting on with those goals you set at the start of the year?
  • Are you on track to hitting each one?
  • Or do they seem as far aware as ever?

But if there are some goals still on the table, or you haven’t made the progress you had expected or visualised in achieving your goal by now, you may be getting frustrated, discouraged, angry with yourself — or even doubting your ability to get that thing you wanted so much.

If you want to get some wind back in your sails so you can start moving in the direction of your dreams again, the first thing you must do is STOP and forgive yourself. And by that, I don’t mean a simple self-conversation. You must go through a process of forgiveness to get the real impact.

There are three ideas of which you need to be aware when thinking about your goals today. These will help you achieve them:

Idea 1 – Separate who you are from what you have done

You may not have hit all your goals this year. So what? Don’t allow it to mean anything that it doesn’t. You are still ambitious, still willing to keep focused on achieving your goals and you are still on the path. Do not read anything into what you have done so far. 

Idea 2 – Hard work isn’t the only path to getting what you want

Now, this is hard for many business owners and entrepreneurs to grasp because it’s a narrative we’re told again and again. But it is true. Working harder and just focusing on activities that move you towards where you want to be may not be the only way to get there. Choose to be positive in your attitude and work as well as you can to keep moving forward.

Idea 3 – Be aware of toxicity trying to taint your self-image

When you haven’t achieved a goal you said you would do, there is a danger it can open up an element of toxic resentment and doubt. If you’ve not made progress as much as you hoped or you were as far along as you thought you would be, it can have an impact on your self-image. 

The worst part is that it is insidious. It doesn’t just hit you; it creeps up on you gradually and starts nibbling away at your self-worth. You may even start making excuses or coming up with reasons why you didn’t hit your goal. Avoid this! None of these excuses will help you get what you want. 

Being aware of these three ideas is not enough – we know that. We can tell you not to succumb to self-doubt or judge yourself, and you may buy into it on an intellectual level. However, if you don’t believe it on an emotional level, you will never avoid the feelings that come with the above. 

You need to impress the idea into your subconscious mind – and the best way is through repetition. 

Using an affirmation

Bob Proctor suggested using a particular affirmation every day for the next week to embed the ideas above in your subconscious. 

Here is the affirmation:

“I recognise that my results and my being are not the same thing, and I reaffirm that I am a good person. I go forward in a spirit of expectation and understand that I cannot know all of what the universe has in store for me, but I will remain open to all things. I am so happy and grateful in knowing that the good, which I desire, is worthy of me. I forgive myself completely and release myself from self-doubt or fear. I move forward with the joyful expectation that I will achieve my goal. I willingly release the thoughts and things that clutter my mind.”

This affirmation approach may feel strange at first, but we guarantee it will help avoid those feelings that crop up when we think about our goals. 

Remember, achieving your goals doesn’t need to be hard. It is simple when you live in alignment with the laws that govern creation. Focus on what you want, remove resistance, and it will become your reality. 

Before you get up and go after your goal again, you must stop and forgive yourself.

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