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Sell without fear, grow without limits. Become Your Next Level Self.

Make selling and charging what you’re worth easier, achieve more in less time and with less effort, escape self-doubt and negativity and step into the identity of an entrepreneur on the fast track to growth by developing the mindset and behaviours to become Your Next Level Self.

Most business owners trying to get established struggle with...


making sales is awkward and uncomfortable yet you push through. You know you should be charging more but you’re worried about what potential customers might say and fear it will hurt your growth

Self-doubt and negativity

objectively, you’re a successful business owner, yet you’re flooded with negative thoughts that increase self-doubt, leaving you feeling anxious and unsure about the future

Too busy, too stressed, not enough time

you’re doing everything at all hours to make the business work and it feels like you’re sprinting just to keep up. You don’t have time or space to focus on how to fix this

Identifying as the entrepreneur they need to be

if you’ve worked for someone else or have never been an entrepreneur before, it’s common to feel like an imposter in your own business – and it’s holding you back


Your Next Level Self helps you...

Charge what you’re worth – by stripping away limiting beliefs about money, establishing your value and helping you sell more effortlessly

Take action with confidence – by eliminating the barriers and resistance standing in the way of you taking the action to grow your business

Finally move forward – by removing your self-imposed limits, raising your level of ambition and getting clear on what you want 

Become the business owner you need (and want) to be – stepping into the role of a leader in your business who has the confidence and clarity to take it to the next level


What do you want your business to look like three months from now?

If your business isn’t working right now, it’s time to change. Stop struggling and start having more “perfect” days in your business when you become Your Next Level Self. You don’t have to wait months and months to change your day-to-day reality. When you remove the blocks and resistance holding you back, you let in greater success and the results you want. Become Your Next Level Self and discover what’s possible for you and your business.  

Your Next Level Self is the pathway to seeing yourself and becoming the entrepreneur and leader you want to be – and need to be – to move your business forward, make sales effortlessly and without resistance and reach your business goals and objectives.
Seonad Cook
Mindset Coach and Mentor

Your Next Level Self is perfect for you if…

You’ve done everything you need to set up and make your business fly, but it’s just not working for you. You’re frustrated and confused about how to change things and want to enjoy running your business again.

You struggle with selling and charging enough for what you offer. You know your prices should be higher, yet you’re held back from charging more for fear of losing business or pricing yourself out of the market.

You’ve recently moved from a corporate role to starting your own business and want to step into your new identity as a business owner or entrepreneur.

You have been in business for a few years and things have been going well, but a few setbacks have left you struggling with self-doubt and negativity is creeping in.

You want to move forward but don’t know how. You’re clear on what you want to do or achieve, yet something “hidden” seems to be pulling you back and it’s time to stop it from having a hold on your progress.


Here’s what you get in Your Next Level Self

24 weeks of coaching and mentoring

Group sessions with Seonad Cook (or one-to-one coaching if you select the one-to-one option)

12 powerful lessons

available in our learning portal, each lesson delivers the foundations of the knowledge over the period of coaching. Listen and watch weekly in sequence and then attend the weekly coaching sessions to embed and apply what you’ve learnt

2 group coaching sessions per week

each week Seonad teaches concepts to help develop your awareness through understanding and application of the ideas in the lessons

Digital and physical workbook

the workbook contains additional teaching points and activities specifically designed to offer a deeper understanding of the principles taught in each lesson

Weekly “hot seat” sessions

join a “hot seat” session with Seonad when you need further clarity or support along the journey

About Your Coach

Seonad Cook

Seonad understands the specific challenges of ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs who are committed to growing their businesses. As your coach through Your Next Level Self, Seonad draws on her vast experience as an educator having trained over 56,000 senior professionals worldwide and coached and mentored more than 1,600 professional facilitators. Most importantly, as a highly-regarded sales professional proven to open up new markets and deliver sales, Seonad understands the connection between mindset and belief and business results.


What clients say about Your Next Level Self

A transformation like I’ve never experienced before

Being a new business owner, I wanted to learn new skills to enhance my productivity. Next Level Self had a profound impact on my professional and personal life and my thinking and being – a transformation like I have never experienced before in this short period. Seonad’s simple and uncomplicated way of explanation, coupled with her genuine interest in participant’s wellbeing goes a long way in embedding knowledge
Anu Sareen
Managing Partner, Valenta

Showed me how I can aim bigger, better and higher, and then make it a reality

I felt energised and enthusiastic as each of the three weekly sessions progressed and Seonad showed me how I can aim bigger, better and higher, then step-by-step make that vision a reality. Seonad’s positivity is infectious and she teaches a perspective and ways of thinking, feeling and behaving which are refreshing.
Jason Cornes
Business Mentor and Executive Coach

I can’t believe the change in my mindset and behaviour

I can’t believe the change in my mindset and behaviour. I am astonished at how that change developed in one-hour sessions over just a few weeks. Seonad helped me figure out exactly what I want in life, why I haven’t done it yet, and how to create and implement the changes that will help me reach my goals
Louise McIntosh
Managing Director, Printing Progress

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Your Next Level Self runs over 24 weeks of coaching and mentoring.

This toolkit is best for business owners and entrepreneurs who are growing but are often overwhelmed with being busy, working long hours for little reward and feeling stuck. You’re likely taking action but not seeing results and are struggling to find a way forward. Your Next Level Self is designed exclusively for entrepreneurs and business owners dealing with the specific challenges that come with owning and running a business.

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