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Why mindset coaching is essential for entrepreneurs

You can unlock the tools you have within you to help achieve the success and growth that you would love in your business without the struggle and poor work-life balance.

Creating and growing a business can be a challenge. But you already knew that. And
though you’ve reached a level of success, the reward is sometimes a poor work-life balance — and, in extreme cases, burnout. And that’s before you try to push things further to achieve the next level of success. 

One of the common misconceptions entrepreneurs have is that the formula for better results or higher growth is to work harder. Working harder always brings more success, right? Wrong — and we need to smash that myth! 

The 3 planes of understanding

We all operate on three planes of understanding:

The Physical Plane is where you know what to do and you take action. The Intellectual Plane is where you have the skills and knowledge you need, or you know where to find additional specialised knowledge that you require. The Spiritual Plane goes a level deeper, as I’ll explain shortly. 

Why business feels like a struggle

Using the tools at your disposal before you take action, ensures that the action you do take in your business is ‘inspired action’ and not action that feels ‘hard’ or a ‘struggle’. 

Most entrepreneurs operate solely on the first two planes. You have the skills and the knowledge, and you take action. 

This brings a certain amount of success, but there’s usually always a compromise. You end up working every hour possible, and your personal life suffers. No matter how hard you seem to work, you just can’t seem to take your business beyond a certain level of success.
It’s no wonder you feel it’s a struggle to run or grow your business. Also, no matter how successful the business, you reach self-imposed upper limits in what you can achieve. It’s here that mindset coaching can help. 

Mindset coaching mainly focuses on the third plane of understanding: the spiritual plane. In business, it’s not only what you do, but how you do it that brings success. 

Mindset coaching is not about working harder, it’s about helping you master — to quote Wattles — that “certain way.” 

The spiritual plane 

You may have rolled your eyes at the term “spiritual” and the connotations that sometimes come with it. However, the spiritual plane helps you use the tools you already have at your disposal. 

Taking action in business without first tapping into the spiritual plane is like trying to use your vacuum cleaner plugged in but not switched on. 

It’s one thing to know the level of success you want to achieve in your business. It’s another thing to ‘allow’ that success in. 

If you’re holding onto resistance of any kind, and harbouring any self-doubt and other limiting beliefs, you may be keeping the success that you want away from you. 

This is why being a business owner can often feel ‘hard’ and a ‘struggle’ and is the reason many entrepreneurs give up on their dream. Tapping into the spiritual plane and the tools at your disposal through mindset coaching can help you to identify and release any resistance you may be holding onto. 

If it ain’t broke… 

The misconception is often that for you to need mindset coaching, something has to be broken. That’s not the case. It’s more often that by working hard and operating solely on the physical and intellectual planes, you’ve reached your upper limit — or you’re holding onto resistance of some kind. 

You’re already successful. Don’t settle for the burnout and poor work-life balance that often comes with running and growing a business. Releasing resistance that is keeping even greater success away can ensure that you take ‘inspired action’ — instead of taking action that always feels like a struggle. 

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